Our Team

We stand behind our employees.


R3 has always approached demolition, deconstruction and business under the philosophy of people, planet and profits, or as some know it – the Triple Bottom line.

From day 1, we always put our people first – no matter what their background, how marginalized they might seem or what job they held in our company. We take the time to listen and support our employees, and we do more than give them a job. We give them the power that comes when you have someone in your corner.

We help our employees get a foothold on their personal lives so they can make professional impact – for R3 and for our community. In return we get an engaged, solid and stable workforce that goes the extra mile on every job and worksite.If you feel you would be a fit to our positive, forward thinking crews send us your resume. And don’t worry about work experience, a positive attitude is what we look for.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Management Team


Adam Burg

Sustainability Services/Estimating

Adam Joined the R3 team in September of 2014 bringing with him over 17 years of estimating and management experience in the construction and demolition industry. He has a strong background in residential, commercial and industrial structural demolition that his customers, new and old, look for.

A previous owner of a successful mid-size custom deck building company, based in Edmonton, AB, Adam understands what it takes to succeed in a fast paced and always evolving deconstruction environment.

Adam is an actively participating member of the Edmonton Construction Association (ECA) the Young Builders Group (YBG)

An avid mountain biker and big mountain skier, Adam is always looking for new and exciting challenges. Adam Burg has been appointed Manager of Sustainability for R3 Deconstruction. He takes R3’s core values to heart when seeing what can be recycled, reduced and most importantly reused.

Travis Blake

Co-owner / President

When Travis Blake created R3 Deconstruction & Demolition, a medium sized Alberta-based demolition company, he knew he wanted to do demolition and business differently. Using the triple bottom line principle of “people, planet and profit”, Travis built a company that is not only profitable but is proof that corporate social responsibility is possible in any organization, no matter their size or industry.

Travis currently Chairs the Young Builders Group (YBG) Industry Initiatives Working Committee, and is the Chair for Integration of Entrepreneurs Organization Edmonton chapter.

Travis is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization and the Canadian Green Build Council. He has always called Edmonton home, where he lives today with his three children.


John Hanki

Director of Field Operations

With 11 years of frontline construction experience in heavy industrial commercial projects, John Hanki understands a company in this field is nothing without its people. His passion for R3 is seeded in his diverse management capacities; getting to try new ways to improve projects and in managing crews every day.

When John, a ticketed carpenter, started his management career with R3 in 2010 he directed every site personally. Now he can confidently rely on a solid core of dedicated foreman he has built up over the last two years.


Jan Sutherland

Office Manager

With 25 years of experience in running her own business, Jan Sutherland brings a unique array of talents to R3. She wants to see the company succeed and tackles everything from accounting, to administrative, to helping with whatever she can – Jan is the Jane-of-all-trades at the R3 office. Since she began with the company in 2009, Jan has helped integrate and roll out all of R3’s systems and processes.

James Davis

Head Estimator

With the 15 years construction experience James Davis brings to R3, as well as being a Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter, and training in scheduling and leadership, there’s no mistake James loves this field. His dedication to R3 as a company is rooted in his self-starter attitude, and the successes he’s brought personally to the company.

James takes pride in everything he does, from teaching the crew to read blueprints and running various R3 employee courses, to working with the clients to get the most out of their experience and bidding on new contracts.